Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bits and Pieces - October 25, 2009

I think that the noise about buying fuel for the Tehran Research Reactor is either an attempt to maintain "face" at home or an indication of a split within the Iranian government. I guess we'll find out when they're good and ready to tell us.

Errol Morris parts 5, 6, and 7.

John Cole finds the central thing the health insurance industry doesn't want us to realize:
This really is one of those things I never really thought about before the last year or so, but I still have no idea what exactly the health insurance companies offer this country. All they seem to do is sponge money off the top of what we pay for health care, make life a living hell for their customers and the medical community in the form of reams of paperwork, hand out lavish bonuses to their management, invest recklessly in whatever the Wall Street bad idea du jour is, and then raise rates when the fur-bearing trout farms don’t pan out and they need to cover their bad investments. Meanwhile, they don’t answer to the consumer and control congress, and are under orders from the Wall Street brokerages.

Do I have this completely wrong? Is there an actual fact-based (and that means you need to look somewhere other than the NRO or glibertarian sites) argument in favor of health insurance agencies? What service do they really offer? Why are these people who it appears add nothing so in control of the debate. I know I have turned into a pinko-commie, but right now this looks like nothing more than an elaborate and legal protection racket.

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