Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Bits and Pieces - October 6, 2009

Responding to the tenthers. Short version: they're wrong.

And speaking of wrong, it's hard to say just how wrong this is. If the Bible is literally the word of God, then maybe it can't be cleansed for human ideologies. Or if it can be translated in several ways, and judgement has to be used, then maybe it's not unambiguous. Or...

Gorgeous cloud pictures from Andrew Sullivan. But the clouds and their type probably aren't new, just the recognition.

I've never had a lot of respect for Howard Kurtz, but this drops the bottom out.

The Station Fire near Los Angeles has prepared the way for monster mudslides when the rains come. And that's going to be soon. We've got clouds coming up from the south, and that usually means they're in southern California too.

Archie goes postmodern.

The Federation of American Scientists gives us a calculator for separative work units in a uranium enrichment facility. I need to look at this a bit more. I really hated those calculations back when I had to do them. Tedious.

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