Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bits and Pieces - November 10, 2009

A whiff of peak oil today. The article ends with a quote from Colin Campbell, who has been predicting the end of oil since 1999, and I'm pretty sure a decade or more before that. There are other voices, however, who make some good points, like that technology makes more of the oil available and we haven't explored the entire globe. But there are lots of good reasons to start cutting back, like global warming.

Restoration ecology is a new field, and aquatic environments are particularly difficult, so I want to see how this experiment works out. And the results from this former resident should be interesting.

Lobbyists not welcome on Industry Trade Advisory Committees, says the White House on its blog.

Joe Klein wonders whether Iran is hoping to goad America into acting more like The Great Satan.

I haven't really checked this out yet, but the dead-tree article looks like the kind of systems study I've griped that we need. May be blogging on it later.

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