Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Bits and Pieces - November 4, 2009

Plastic kills albatross chicks. (Warning: stomach-churning photos) I'll quibble with the idea that toxicity has anything to do with these deaths; they're clearly from obstruction of the digestive tract. It's amazing that the chicks lived as long as they appear to have.

A new ocean under development. The Rio Grande Rift, the east side of which being where I live, is another of these spreading centers. We haven't had anything quite this impressive, but the road up to Los Alamos has a dip that continues to grow from slumping that comes from the spreading. H/t's to Ron Beasley and DougJ. Actually, Ron, a new ocean would take up some of the extra water the glaciers are giving us. And I'm wondering if the additional pressure on the oceanic crust is making things pop up here.

Kevin Drum raises a good question about what the banks are doing with the bailout money. This goes back to the question of motivators, it seems to me. When people have to make gambling-type profits, they're not going to be making loans to someone starting a business in their garage.

Tapping into the bailout backlash. Can/will Obama do it?

Washington State and Maine rejected Grover-Norquist-style "Taxpayer Bills of Rights" in voting yesterday.

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