Friday, December 04, 2009

All The News...

I happened to catch a part of President Obama's town hall meeting this morning, at the bank while I was talking to a friend, and Obama seemed to be talking about the "smart grid" that his administration has gotten Congress to provide a first installment of funding for.

This is really important: a smart grid for the national distribution of electrical power across America will encourage wind and solar energy by making it easier to shift power around and for individuals to sell power to their electrical companies. It will prevent the massive power outages we've been having every few years. It will save energy. It will provide jobs in the building and probably open up new ones.

It is the electrical equivalent of President Eisenhower's national highway program. Getting it underway is one of Obama's significant achievements.

There's been a lot of whining about Obama's lack of achievement so far. So the national news outlets might be looking for achievements, you know, on the basis of that objectivity they are so proud of?

Here's how the New York Times's Sheryl Gay Stolberg reported it.

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