Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bits and Pieces - December 22, 2009

I caught the orange cat that comes around regularly eating the ground beef and cat food I had put out for the roadrunner, which proves that an open hand will always be slapped down, as Richard Perle observes.

Back in a horrendously real world, a Ukrainian archbishop who saved Jews will probably never be canonized because he dispatched chaplains to a Waffen-SS unit. The western lack of understanding of the vice that eastern Europe was caught in during World War II continues; when your choice is between rulers who will kill and exile your people and those who merely want to enslave them, you might do something like this.

My roadrunner, with her long legs and low flying habits, seems closer to the dinosaurs than many birds. Here's a very strange ancestor.

A view of the neocons as living in a pre-globalized world from Thomas P. M. Barnett.

I'm wondering when Jane Hamsher will announce her alliance with Peter Wehner.

Why the Health Care Bill Will Destroy the Conservative Movement.

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troutsky said...

Peter Wehner and his free market ideology sounds way more like Glen Beck than Jane Hamsher. It's a crap bill written by lobbyists and the right will benefit.