Monday, December 07, 2009

Climate Bits and Pieces - December 7, 2009

There's a lot being written about the climate summit in Copenhagen. Here are some pieces I found particularly insightful or useful. I'll continue this feature for the week.

James Hansen is raging that cap-and-trade isn't as good as a carbon tax, and therefore we should give up on the cap-and-trade bill. I have to admit I haven't followed this controversy all that closely. Cap-and-trade seems to have worked well for other emissions, and, as for the health reform bill, I think that something in generally the right direction is better than nothing. But Paul Krugman says that Hansen is wrong; that the two schemes should produce the same economic result. But (ahem) while Krugman is right that some physical scientists have to reinvent others' wheels, not all of us feel that urge.

Fifty-six newspapers in 45 countries are printing this editorial today on their front pages, urging fast and big action on climate change. Looks like The Miami Herald is the only one in the US.

India, as usual, is doing its own thing relative to climate change and making sure that the rest of the world has the opportunity to appreciate its stand. Here's some background on India's approach. India is also setting up a network of 220 scientists at 20 institutions within India to develop an “independent and credible research capacity” to counterbalance the “sensationalism going on in the name of climate science.” It hopes to have an independent assessment by late 2010.

In addition to the stolen e-mails, a climate researcher in Canada has experienced a break-in at his office that seems to have targeted data.

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troutsky said...

Well certainly Markets have proved themselves to be efficient and reliable in organizing the rest of our lives, why not rely on them to save our planets ecosystem? Invisible hands have that Magic touch!