Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Copenhagen Link Dump

The links have piled up. I'm dumping them below. These are all on the Copenhagen meetings and future efforts on climate change.

But first up, Brazil makes good on its pledge as President Lula signs into law a 39% reduction in emissions by 2020.

Now for the others. Some are new, some are a little old:

WRI on what "taking note" of the Copenhagen Accord means.

Tim Flannery at NY Review on the question of what next.

BBC's take on "failure" in Copenhagen.

Scott Barrett on the Copenhagen Accord and the potential opportunity it represents.

David Doniger
of NRDC on Copenhagen's "success."

Five possible climate scenarios based on different degrees of temperature increase.

The New Yorker on China's rush to capture the renewable energy market.

China and the Copenhagen Accord.

China's unique take on China's glorious role in Copenhagen, "Verdant Mountains Cannot Stop Water Flowing; Eastward the River Keeps on Going."

Mark Lynas' now-famous criticism of China's actual role.

UK climate secretary Ed Miliband
seconds that.

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