Friday, January 01, 2010

Just Wondering

If those full-body scanners are such a good idea and not a threat to privacy, then why are all the demonstration photos we're seeing of men (particularly ugly one here)?

Why not a woman or a twelve-year-old girl?

We're not supposed to be worried about any threat to privacy or our concept of decency in the service of security, after all.

Update: After I wrote the above, it occurred to me that most of the commentary I'm seeing from ordinary people - letters to the editor and comments on news articles and blogs - is taking the underpants bomber in stride. It's the security consultants and others who might make a buck from, er, enhanced security, who seem to be most insistent that any and all means must be used to make sure that terrorists never, ever, ever get on a plane. Well, any and all scanning devices. This convinced me it was worth saying. Michael Chertoff should be ashamed of himself, as should Fred Hiatt.


helmut said...

Good points. I'd like to see them sell the tech using busty celebrities. They'd get a lot of attention, but the tech's creepiness would also seep into public consciousness.

J. said...

Ah... woman scan photos are out there. But yeah, get some Hollywood models in there...

Cheryl Rofer said...

Y'know, most of the commentary I've seen on the modesty part has been from men, along the lines of "Well, I'm not afraid to show off my package! It's other guys who want to keep a secret."

Which is what they'd say anyway, I guess.

As long as the conversation is in that vein, we can expect to see the scanners installed.

But maybe we should ask how they'd like those photos of their wives or daughters to wind up on YouTube.

Might be a different thing.

Ipatent said...

Good point, Cheryl.

MT said...

Chertoff's trying to make up for the disappointment of the X-ray glasses he ordered from a comic book as a kid.