Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Links

I've added some new links to the blogroll and other categories. Browse through the sidebar to see them all - there's great stuff on that sidebar. We may not be a bigshot blog, but we've got one of the best damn links sections in blogdom. Here are a few of the new links:
  • Daily Dose of Imagery - Photoblog by Sam Javanrouh (see photo above)
  • Loomnie - Nigerian PhD student in Anthropology - various thoughts on environment, development, trade, and Africa
  • Magical Nihilism - design and a great blog name
  • The .Plan - electronic clippings posted without comment by James Choi
  • Complex Terrain Laboratory - collective on intelligence, security, urban design, surveillance
  • Prejka - music blog from Sweden - prog, jazz, pop, etc.
  • Paris DJs - music site with original remixes, mashups leaning towards soul, afrobeat by some of the best French DJs
  • Garage Latino - otherwise forgotten Latin American garage, psych, pop
  • World Service - otherwise forgotten African music
  • The Great Beyond - Nature's blog roundup of science news
  • Physics arXiv BLOG - Technology Review's great science blog
  • Yglesias - big-time, savvy political blogger


Anonymous said...

I have a few of those on my reading list - thanks for links to the others. That picture is pretty awesome, btw.

MT said...

That's the Physics arXiv blog, not the Physics arXiv itself.

Cheryl Rofer said...

Also added: Rethinking Nuclear Weapons.

I tend to add links from time to time without noting them formally.

So take a look at those lists.

The Complex Terrain Laboratory said...

Thanks for the link, Helmut. Much obliged.

-Mike Innes

troutsky said...

This is where I go for links, thanks.