Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Torture Notes

A UK court has forced the British government to release documents showing that the US authorities tortured detainee Binyam Mohamed while in CIA custody in Pakistan. The stress positions and sleep deprivation used on Mohamed are banned by the UK in a law dating to 1972 and the conflict in Northern Ireland. The British army has already broken that law (and here).

Andrew Sullivan, adding to the case made by Yglesias, obliterates Marc Thiessen's attempt to say that US torture is nothing like Nazi or Khmer Rouge torture.

A key figure in Bush administration war commissions, William Lietzau, is hired by the Obama administration Defense Department as deputy assistant secretary for detainee affairs.

If you haven't read this important piece, Scott Horton lays out the case of the Guantánamo "suicides." Sullivan discusses further in the Times Online. Update by Scott here.

Plus, a clearing house illustration of torture apologia. The number of really bad arguments and claims made in torture's defense is stunning. The pro-torture people really really want it.


MT said...

I'm surprised you left out the soldier water-boarding his four year old to make her recite her ABCs.

helmut said...

I meant to add it. Thanks for the reminder. We could probably set up sidebar tally of non-governmental torture cases that have been increasingly occurring.