Monday, March 01, 2010

Bits and Pieces - March 1, 2010

A British view of the last thirty years. Many parallels to the US.

The Last Train From Hiroshima has been withdrawn because of false information. When the news reports on the questions first appeared, I wondered why I hadn't heard rumors of the accident on Tinian that the book details. Others who have lived in Los Alamos for a long time hadn't heard of it. Los Alamos has had a very active grapevine. What's even more baffling is why the author didn't double check his source. It's not a matter of being "misled by his source." It's sloppy research. I can think of half a dozen people he could have checked with and didn't. "[H]e couldn't believe a firefighter could provide a false story." Oh wow.

If you'd like some pictures of that new giant iceberg from Antarctica, here they are!

I have not joined in the speculation on what will be contained in the Nuclear Posture Review, delayed another two weeks. It will be better than Bush policies. Here's one likely way.

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