Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bits and Pieces - March 17, 2010

If the US is going to right itself economically, it will need more (and replacement) sources of energy. If we're going to deal with climate change, that growth will have to be in other areas besides coal, natural gas, and oil. So it's good to see the administration backing nuclear energy and conservation.

Video of gliding ants.

The administration is sloooowly ratcheting down the fear factor on the Mexican border.

Iran is making another offer on exchanging its low-enriched uranium for fuel elements for the Tehran Research Reactor. It's a good sign that Iran hasn't lost its interest in this deal, but each new offer from Tehran becomes more convoluted. Also good signs: Turkey is talking with Iran, and China is providing some pressure. But it's still a long way to a deal. (h/t to Tina for some of the links.) Update: This statement from Daniel Poneman, that the deal hasn't been taken off the table, is hopeful too.

Paul Goble summarizes discontent in Russia with Vladimir Putin.


MT said...

That ant story is a terrible lesson in science. Even if the experiment were well controlled, results don't justify the conclusion, and the condition the story presents, without comment, as a control, is utterly lame. "Maimed gliding ants hit their target half as frequently as intact gliding ants" should be the claim.

MT said...

Or more specifically "Gliding-ant amputees hit their targets..."