Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bits and Pieces - March 27, 2010

Star chamber proceedings by that "indispensible ally in the Middle East."

The American Enterprise Insitute yanks David Frum's health insurance.

EPA says "maybe not" to destroying one more West Virginia hilltop and surrounding valleys for coal.

The latest pedophile scandal in the Catholic Church seems to be playing out according to the usual script: no, it didn't happen; maybe it happened, but we didn't know about it; we knew about it, but it didn't land on the proper desk; um, we have no comment. But this time it's reaching up to the Pope himself. I probably won't write much on it, although the contradictions of supposedly religious people are always tempting. Here's one suggestion for the Catholic Church's future. Priestly celibacy began to be enforced in the Church about the tenth century, because priests were appropriating Church property for their families and willing it to their children. That was the scandal of that day.

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