Saturday, March 20, 2010

Looking Good

I've been sitting inside, with the wind blowing outside and the temperature barely up to freezing (although the sun has melted the snow on the driveway), doing my taxes and keeping an eye on the action in Congress. It's looking like the Democrats have the votes to pass the health care bill!

So if you live in a place where you could be out enjoying the first day of spring, here are some updates. I've checked the New York Times and the Washington Post, and their news isn't much different than it was this morning.

Steve Benen at the Washington Monthly is probably the best place to go for a more-or-less blow by blow account. The vote will be a straight vote, no deem-and-pass or other parliamentary frippery. The Senate has come through with a letter signed by a majority that they will go with the House's fixes to their bill.

President Obama spoke to the Democrats this afternoon, without a script or teleprompter. In the small excerpts I've seen in video, he's quite emotional. This is a big moment for him and all of us. Ezra Klein has the transcript.

And there are teapartiers all over Congress, with some very ugly behavior. I won't link to that, but Steve did.

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