Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Thought on the Nuclear Posture Review Delay

There's been a lot of guessing going on about what the Nuclear Posture Review will contain. A fair bit of that is covered by my "Quote of the Day" post. It's true, and encouraging, that Obama sent back an early version because it wasn't what he wanted. The rest is just talk, and I haven't been interested in joining that.

But the Armchair Generalist has a pretty good post today, and as I was commenting on it, I had what seems to me the most plausible explanation for the continuing delays in publishing the NPR. The negotiations for the new START agreement are still in progress. Publishing the NPR, no matter what it says, will slow down that process, because the Russians will have to comb through it word by word to see that it's consistent with the agreement they're pursuing.

As J. likes to say, this has been another in the series of simple answers to dumb questions.

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