Friday, April 02, 2010

Church and Statement

The more the Catholic Church tries to defend itself against its own widespread problem of child molestation and its cover-up, the more it becomes clear that the institution of the Church is fundamentally morally corrupt. It's full of moral relativists.

If I were Catholic, I'd view this moment in history as one in which that which is decent and ennobling in the religion began to separate by necessity from the Vatican-centered institution. How can one believe in an institution that is not merely hypocritical as gauged by the distance between its ostensible message and its acts, but engaged in the most despicable of behavior? This isn't a matter of saying "thou shalt not steal" while stealing. This is conveying the message of love while demonstrating the most monstrous and harmful distortion of that message through the most monstrous and harmful abuse of authority. To defend it is a sign of moral bankruptcy.

Now they've invoked the persecution of Jews as analogous to their situation. Everyone ought to be rowing their boats away from that one as quickly as possible. Yet, I'd be very careful of reading the Rag of the Satanists.


Peter said...

One thing I'm not hearing in all this:
Aren't the higher-ups of the Catholic Church (at least here in the USA) guilty of some crime by not having reported child rape to law enforcement?

How does that work?

I'm thinking of an analogy possibly being a University. If several student accuse a faculty member of sexual abuse, isn't the University obligated to pass that along to law enforcement? Or is the University allowed to set up it's own 'internal investigation' to determine whether or not its employee committed a felony?

Where are the Attorney(s) General?

MT said...

It was either comparing to pogroms or to being fucked like an altar boy.

MT said...

Maybe it's beyond hypocritical. Alternatively, I can imagine the Pope confessed and forgave the pedophiles. In that case, doctrinally speaking at least, where's their beef?

Some people might stand in awe of the gravity of such a decision, and weep at the charity and hope implied in reinstalling these criminals to positions where they might easily victimize more children, "but for the grace of God." Would you be capable of such forgiveness or such a choice?