Friday, April 16, 2010

Torturous Rabbit Holes

"The Black Hole" is an apt name. Like Alice's rabbit hole. Another black site within a prison. This one is inside the prison at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan. The BBC reports,
Afghan prisoners are being abused in a "secret jail" at Bagram airbase, according to nine witnesses whose stories the BBC has documented.

The abuses are all said to have taken place since US President Barack Obama was elected, promising to end torture.

Sleep deprivation, stress positions, beatings, temperature extremes, and...
In the new jail, prisoners were being moved around in wheelchairs with goggles and headphones on.

The goggles were blacked out, and the purpose of the headphones was to block out all sound. Each prisoner was handcuffed and had their legs shackled.
Extreme sensory deprivation of the sort that drove José Padilla insane.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration is shredding its human rights promises. I'm an Obama-bot on most other things, but this has to stop now.

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