Wednesday, May 05, 2010


...Joe Lieberman mentioned the idea of not mirandizing US citizen terrorism suspects because they should be stripped of citizenship...

...while I suppose there’s a case for saying that convicted terrorists should be stripped of their citizenship this would be part of the punishment that follows a conviction. You can’t have a system where a cop comes up to me and says “you’re a terrorist, therefore you have no citizenship rights, therefore I’m putting you under arrest and you don’t get any due process and now it’s off to jail with you—no rights, no warning.” You would need to arrest the citizen for something, mirandize him, and only then initiate some citizenship-stripping process. It seems to me there’s a case for doing this, but it’s totally irrelevant to the trumped-up Miranda issue.

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MT said...

The real question is when Joe Lieberman will be taking his place on Fox. We should be talking about what Joe and Sarah have to say to each other. Otherwise they're just two assholes.