Friday, May 14, 2010

Women's Work Is Never Done

I'm reading Gail Collins's When Everything Changed, which is bringing back memories of the bad old days, when everyone knew that women were the biologically weaker sex. But that's all change now.

It is the matter of exposure to radiation that is most unsettling to me. It is the genetically sensitive tissue in women that is intimately involved in the process of childbearing that needs to be addressed, researched and commented on by our Navy's leaders before they change the policy.

While sperm from men are frequently changing and thereby present a reduced vulnerability to radiation consequences, women have ovaries that contain radiation-sensitive tissue fixed for the life of the woman.
Um, guy, those frequently changing sperm are generated by cells that reside in the man for his whole life, more or less. Presumably damage to them means defective sperm for the life of the man.

Amazing that a doctor in 2010 can sound so much like the common wisdom of 1960.

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