Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Bits and Pieces - June 1, 2010

There's plenty being written about the Israeli attack on that Turkish aid ship bound for Gaza, but I'll choose just two.

Juan Cole points out that the United Nations Security Council resolution goes much further in condemning Israel than the United States has allowed resolutions to in the past.

Haaretz blasts the Israeli government.

On the lighter side,

What your e-mail address says about you.

A photoessay on the last of the typewriter repairmen. This is what my father did for a living. He started with IBM as a "customer engineer," which meant a repairman who went to the customer's place of business to repair typewriters. In true IBM style, he had to wear a suit and tie. He later built his own typewriter repair, rental, and reconditioning business. I was his chief reconditioning mechanic. I disassembled IBM standard typewriters so that their mechanisms could be soaked in solvent to be cleaned (all rubber removed) and their cases painted. Then I reassembled them with new rubber and repainted cases. My father did the last adjustments. He paid me minimum wage (at that time, $1 an hour, not bad for an eleven-year-old).

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