Monday, June 21, 2010

Bits and Pieces - Solstice Edition

I always find solstice mixed. It's the start of real summer and almost the start of our monsoons that cool things down and provide much of our precipitation. But it's also the end of lengthening days.

A shakedown from another time and another disaster.

The politics of the energy bill and the President's role.

Plutonium Page (Page van der Linden) has left Daily Kos to blog independently.

Is Louisiana's Senator Mary Landrieu changing her mind on oil?

What really caused the housing boom? (Hint: not what the Republicans like to claim.)

Utility-only cap and trade?

A dialog between Tony Judt and his son on politics.

Added later: Some Manhattan Project history I wasn't acquainted with.

Fritz Hollings: what fundraising is doing to the Senate.

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Anonymous said...

I saw that Ezra Klein piece on the housing boom today too. Unfortunately, his charts contain a couple of serious mistakes. The home mortgage interest deduction was begun in 1913, not 1986 and Fannie Mae was created in the 1930's, not 1968. Ironically, correcting those mistakes would strengthen his argument.