Thursday, June 03, 2010

Deepwater Horizon and Government

This pretty much sums up my thoughts on the Deepwater Horizon disaster and what the Obama administration should be doing.
There is a reason why the right, including Sarah Palin, is calling for Obama to "take charge" of the BP disaster, including fixing the leaking pipe. This is a problem that cannot be solved, and probably will not be for many months.

They want Obama to directly own it so they can reinforce their message that government does not work. Why should liberals, stupidly, be pushing for this? I cannot figure out what the left and many liberal pundits think they are doing in all this.

When a huge private corporation makes a mess and cannot fix it, it is sheer lunacy to take direct charge of that mess unless you can fix it right away.

Obama and the government can (a) hold BP accountable in criminal and financial terms; and (b) orchestrate the mitigation, restitution, and financial help for the regions affected. They are doing this and should be as visible as possible about steps in both areas. The last thing they should do is take charge of fixing the leak itself when they cannot.

It also helps give the lie to the less-government crowd. Their political philosophy really boils down to more government when they're in charge and less when they're not.

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MT said...

Yeah, I agree, though I came to it late. Good nutshell.