Thursday, August 19, 2010

Community Organizing, Continued

Ezra Klein has two sort of matching posts today on President Obama's popularity. One shows that he's more popular than recent presidents were this far into their presidencies. But Klein's theme is the general hand-wringing about what a failure Obama has been and how everyone is disappointed by him. (I'm not, but Ezra didn't ask me!)

The second post slides right into the Beltway (or somewhere?) idiom that terrible things are happening to Obama's presidency. And it's because Obama, silly man, tried to bring the political part of the nation together when the Republicans were hellbent on thwarting him. So, sad to say, he didn't get anything accomplished.

Except health care reform, financial reform, pulling the country back from a deep recession, getting out of Iraq, speaking out on the anti-Muslim anti-constitutional bigotry, modeling a home garden, and probably a few other things that don't come instantly to my mind.

All the while marginalizing the Republicans as recalcitrant fools.

Ezra, you should get out a little more!

Update: Dave Weigel offers up some appropriate headlines for all Obama occasions.

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