Monday, August 09, 2010

A Thought on Birthright

How about we do eliminate citizenship by virtue of being born in the US? In this case, all children in the US would be born illegal and would therefore be limited in their use of medical services, schools, and social security of any kind. We could ensure that these uber-anchor children do not benefit from any social services until they at least learn to speak English. This would save the country billions. We would also then have a merit system in which children would have to earn the right to be US citizens, going through the long, and sometimes decade-long, process of getting citizenship. Prior to citizenship (or denial), of course, they would have to demonstrate sufficient American-ness in the process of getting a green card. Sadly, some children, perhaps most, would not be eligible for the honor and would thus be sent back to the third world country of their birth.


Mark Gisleson said...

When you put it that way, it reminds me that all these characters believe that they are born into a world of sin and that only through their savior can they be saved.

How much more does "under God" mean when it's part of your rite into citizenship?

And do we just let everyone become citizens or is that too much like giving the losing team trophies too?

B Popma said...

OK, first off... thanks for the laugh! Great build up, good timing, and fantastic and not to subtle punch line.

Why should this constitutional right be any more protected than the others? I think this constitution thing is taken way too seriously. How about we just let the congress write up some guidelines, put them under a rock in a desert somewhere (not necessarily our own) and we can just trust that they have our best interests at heart?

MT said...

Or a citizenship test imposed on just a few by lottery in the coliseum. I think I read in the New Yorker that's more or less the concept of a top-selling book for young adults (the Hunger Games?) if not several.