Monday, September 13, 2010

Bits & Pieces - Helmut Edition

Claude Chabrol, beloved French filmmaker, died this weekend. Above is a typically goofy, but loving photo of Chabrol, taken by Jeanloup Sieff. While looking for a photo of Chabrol, I came across this little homage to Sieff's portrait studies. The Gainsbourg shot is a famous one. I also like the Kirk Douglas portrait. Why are mustaches so creepy from the perspective of the 2000s?

Via Chris Blattman, here's a recent installment of Stuff White People Like (yep, still around): #134 The TED Conference.

South Africa rather sensibly banned Bible burning in response to an attempt there to counter-protest American idiocy. Shorter ruling: don't lower yourself to their level. Since Americans apparently forget that there are limits to freedoms like freedom of speech, the South African ruling provides a nice reminder that even the US courts have deemed incitement (along with libel, obscenity, etc.) as unprotected speech, and for sensible reasons.

Daniel Little revisits the Handbook of Development Economics, 22 years hence.

New shallower plume of Deepwater Horizon hydrocarbons discovered in the Gulf.

Paris becoming the urban beekeeping capital of the world. Avec élan, sans doute. (via Pruned).

Update on climate denialism on the right.

And,... ugly Las Vegas carpets. You knew there had to be a reason, right?

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