Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Couple of Political Observations

Headline in Los Angeles Times: For women, ideology trumps the gender card

Ah yes! Poor women, stuck with reflexive gender identity rather than thinking out hard stuff like ideology. And I recognize that there are kinder ways to interpret that headline. But let's look a little further. Is it possible that it is men, in this case, who are more influenced by, er, a candidate's boobs? Just asking.

And a couple more Times articles:
NPR should be defunded, not because it's liberal but because it's wrong for the federal government to be in the news business or to subsidize one set of views over another.
And It's diverse if you're liberal. The first is Jonah Goldberg predictably joining the Republican uproar about Juan Williams. The second refers to college campuses. Both share the assumption that there is something equal about today's liberalism and conservatism. But, sadly, there isn't.

NPR is a responsible news-gathering organization. Colleges and universities take their mission as the search for truth, or at least verifiable reality.

The conservative/Republican universe today is defined by the fantasies and propaganda of Fox News. There's no equality there, and therefore no reason why NPR and higher education should give that universe equal time.

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