Monday, October 25, 2010


I've been wanting to "bundle" my internet, telephone, and television services and have been (sort of) looking for a deal from one of the local services that keep sending me letters.

Going through my junk mail today, I realized why I haven't found that deal. The price would have to be less than I am currently paying for the individual services, of course. And the prices in the come-ons frequently are unclearly defined and always for a limited time. They don't say (unless it's in the fine print) what it will be after that time.

And I'm not so driven to change what I've got that I want to do the research it will take to uncover that eventual price, which, from the come-ons, looks like it will probably be at least what I'm paying now.

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donb said...

I keep my phone and cable TV unbundled so that I get the best deal on my internet service - if my phone company will not continue the lower cost of service beyond one year, I have the option of switching to my cable TV company and taking advantage of their year-long promotional service cost.