Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Miners Links

News Stories: New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post.

The New York Times has a couple of interactive features: posting the men's photos as they emerge, and how the rescue works.

Probably the most important: the men's unity and cooperation. I hope to write more about this later.

Update (12:50 pm EDT): Looks like they are checking out the door on the capsule. One of the things I am impressed with on this operation is that they are pretty good on the safety and procedural aspects. You can quibble about hard hats falling off the relatives, but overall my sense is that they have procedures for the capsule that they are conscientiously following. This accounts for the seeming delays on getting the men into and out of the capsule: straps and connectors are fastened and unfastened and stuff is double-checked. So they found something not quite in order about how the door fastens and are fixing it.

Update (1:40 EDT): They've got it going again, with another miner on his way to the top.

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