Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bits and Pieces - November 18, 2010

Commentary on Jon Kyl's putting politics before national security:
John Podesta
Though a handful of GOP senators outright reject New START and are ideologically opposed to arms control, the majority are likely to support the treaty if it comes to a vote.

The Republican leadership, however, appears to be stalling -- perhaps to extort as much as possible out of the Obama administration, or maybe just to make the president look ineffective and weak.
Los Angeles Times:
If one looks very hard, it's possible to find experts who oppose the New START nuclear arms limitation treaty with Russia.
David Schorr:
Many of us in Foreign Policy Wonk-land have felt that New START is the perfect fault line dividing sober-minded Republicans and reflexive, unabashed, unthinking, ideological obstructionists. Senator Kyl has been the center-of-attention swing vote and had been trying to straddle the line. Now having pushed his luck by trying to further postpone a vote, he got called out.
Daniel Larison:
The Senate delayed until now out of deference to the concerns of the minority, so Republicans have some nerve to say that there is a “rush” to consider the treaty.
New York Times:
The world’s nuclear wannabes, starting with Iran, should send a thank you note to Senator Jon Kyl.
Update: Michael Krepon:
There aren’t many profiles in courage on the Republican side of the aisle besides Sen. Lugar at this point.
And, oh, don't forget that Congress can declare war. Here's a nightmare extension of Kyl's tactics.

Defense spending has doubled since 9/11. More fear.

It's time to tax the rich. And get the country as prosperous as it was in the nineties.

I'm hoping Gershom Gorenberg has it right on Obama's tactics with Netanyahu.

Dennis Kuchenich takes on Darrel Issa. Sounds like a good idea.

Kazakhstan's reactor fuel gets protected. This kind of thing will become more difficult if Jon Kyl gets his way.

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troutsky said...

Netenyahu agrees to negotiate borders. What does that mean? "In good faith"? It won't be the UN recognized 67 border. It won't be Oslo. It will be the new "conditions on the ground" border. The "failure", as at Camp David, will be the "stubborn Arabs".