Friday, November 26, 2010

Bits and Pieces - November 26, 2010

Can helicopter parents let their children soar?

Unsustainable US policies. Time to get serious, Republicans!

A couple of peace plans for Israelis and Palestinians. From Yitzak Rabin's son and from J Street.

Some thoughts on North Korea's latest moves from a journalist who covers China and a professor in Seoul.

Oh, Peter Baker, you've got to be kidding when you describe Jon Kyl this way:
frustrated would-be scientist who has made himself into a nuclear expert
A nuclear expert who didn't even know that we haven't had inspectors in Russia since last December? Please. (h/t to @jfleck)

Roger Cohen breaks with the MSM common wisdom that the see-thru-clothing machines and jailhouse frisking are good for American air travelers. Here's some detailed analysis of the machines, the first I've seen with numbers.

Meanwhile, here's someone with some real explosives in his house.

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