Saturday, November 06, 2010

Does. Not. Compute.

I'm sorry, but this simply does not make any sense.
In the package found at the East Midlands Airport in England, a timer would have sent an electric charge to a light-emitting diode that would have set off an acid igniter in a plastic syringe. It, in turn, would have detonated about 14 ounces of PETN, one of the most powerful explosives known.
Nor does any other account I've seen of how the detonator sequence would have worked. The Times attributes this to Der Spiegel, but I can't find this in a Der Spiegel article, so I can't tell if the Times has misquoted.

It's quite clear that the reporters have no understanding of how this sort of thing works.


Jonathan Versen said...

I don't know anything of the technical aspect of how the alleged bomb would have worked, but if what you are saying is true it strengthens the case for the position that there never was a bomb plot, and the whole thing was security state disinfo. Just sayin.'

Cheryl Rofer said...

There are other possibilities. For one, the authorities are providing confusing accounts to keep information on bomb design from getting wide distribution.

Schenck said...

Are they saying that an LED would've turned on, and the light woudl've somehow set off an 'acid ignitor'??

Considering how much reporters screw up science articles, and how scientific/engineering based weapons design is, it's probably safe to say that the reporter screwed up the partial story that the agent gave them.