Saturday, November 20, 2010

Today's Good News

Besides that Russia and NATO are getting along, that is.

It looks like the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy is going to approve a nuclear fuel bank at its next meeting. The idea was put forth by Mohamed ElBaradei when he was the director of the IAEA. Immediately after, George W. Bush put forth his idea for something called the Global Nuclear Energy Program, which, surprise surprise, proposed an international nuclear fuel bank.

Of course, if you're, say, Iran, a nuclear fuel bank run by the United States looks dicey at best. So you're unlikely to sign up. Which was, of course, Bush's purpose, unless it was just part of his thinking that America should run the world. His proposal was a spoiler aimed at the only workable model of an international fuel bank, one run by an international group.

So the Obama administration disassembled that Bushian idea, while keeping some cooperation among the nations that had signed up, paving the way for this action by the IAEA.

Nice to live in a country that plays well with others. One less thing to get fixed now.

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