Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bits and Pieces - December 12, 2010

Giant squid! Video.

I've been wanting to point this out about Obama, but it's more effective coming from a black guy. And, I'll add, you don't get civility by fighting and screaming at people.

This WaPo article about the Cancun agreement
shows one of the less attractive tics of the MSM. All about what the agreement didn't do. Jim Hoagland did the same thing with the New Start Treaty the other day. But negotiation has to start with agreement, so it just might be worthwhile to examine what the countries felt they had in common. Maybe I'll try doing that when I've got time.

Five myths about North Korea.

What Sig Hecker found in North Korea.

Jack Goldsmith on Wikileaks via Kevin Drum.

Wikileaks on Litvinenko, the Russian who was killed with a dose of polonium.

Eduard Limonov, modern Russia's most uncompromising writer and politician.

A speech by Hillary Clinton on Israel and Palestine, which M. J. Rosenberg characterizes as evenhanded.

I'd like to read some of these in more detail and comment on them, but just now I've got another engagement. Maybe tomorrow.


helmut said...

Beg to differ on the WaPo piece. It seems to me to get it about right and generally come off as a pretty positive take on Cancun.

Nice piece on Obama. Always a few steps ahead.

troutsky said...

You are one glass half fuller!