Monday, December 20, 2010

Bits and Pieces - Followup Edition

Everything Troutsky wanted to know about classified information, from the Congressional Research Service.

Stan Collender rounds out my post on why scientists aren't Republicans.

Kevin Drum gets Mitch McConnell's position on New START right.

Adam Serwer nicely summarizes the GOP position.

Added later: Jeffrey Lewis rebuts some things being said by Republican senators that irritated me, too.

GOP senators concede arms treaty will secure enough votes to pass. I'm not counting them chickens yet, though.

A good overall summary.

In new news,

Rapid change in Inner Mongolia. Nice photos.

Iran is cutting its gasoline subsidies. The sanctions are pinching.

And some celebration of the season:

New Russian military uniforms.

The paleontological twelve days of Christmas. I thought they came after Christmas. Never mind.

Added later: A toy I probably won't have time to play with.

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J. said...

Re: the Russian military uniforms, I am reminded of that old Wendy's commercial. "Evening Wear... very nice. Next!"