Friday, December 24, 2010

Tracking Santa

If you'd like to keep track of Santa Claus's travels today into tomorrow, NORAD and the Los Alamos National Laboratory both offer sites for doing that.

Meanwhile, Christmas in what has been called the Holy Land.

And not a good day for dinosaurs. Speaking of which, one of the traditions is persecuting wrens.

It's always seemed to me that we hardly need the alternative celebrations around this time of the year. Christmas is a holiday that replaced the Roman Saturnalia, festooned with the tree and holly trimmings of pagan northern Europe, and Santa Claus, whose roots go back to paganism, mostly of the northern Europe variety, grown into the symbol of today's consumer capitalism.

So have a happy holiday, however you'll be spending the weekend! Me, I hope to get some more thoughtful posts and other stuff written along with the festivities.

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J. said...

Happy Saturnalia!