Monday, January 31, 2011

No, No, Marcy!

Marcy Wheeler repeats the same old "Iranian Chernobyl." If she read Phronesisaical, she'd know that it's nonsense. In fact, the article she cites almost says it. Some of the article appears to have disappeared down the same cyberhold my password capability at her blog has, and the part she's lifted is the part that seems to be missing something. The part of the article that's relevant is
The report, drawn up by a nation closely monitoring Iran's nuclear program and obtained by The Associated Press, says such conclusions were premature and based on the "casual assessment" of Russian and Iran scientists at Bushehr.
which is pretty much what I said.

There's no e-mail address I can find for her at FDL. So I'm posting this in the hopes that the various internet diagnostics will point her here. I really, really hate passwords, so I don't intend to try to straighten that out with FDL.

Update: I see that the first (and only, so far) commenter makes some of the points I've made.

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