Sunday, January 30, 2011

Still More Links on Egypt

Israel isn't saying much. Probably a good idea. Here's some analysis. Too bad Israel didn't get serious about peace earlier, but the Netanyahu government isn't likely to think about it that way.

A couple of links to more links.

The limits on what America can do.

Background from Juan Cole. Cole's commentary is very good. You should be watching his blog.

A view from Cairo. Another blog you should be watching.

Martin Indyk frequently tilts toward Israel. So his call for Mubarak to step down is significant. However, for the reasons Marc Lynch has been giving in posts I've linked earlier, the Obama administration can't make that call. I'm reading the public statements from Secretary of State Clinton and others as the surface over serious warnings being given in private to President Mubarak. It's not time yet for the administration to say such a thing publicly, but it is looking more and more like that time is coming.

Another blog to follow. It looks a lot like what I might write if I chose to feature the things I'm seeing on Twitter, but this one is good if you don't have Twitter.

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