Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bits and Pieces - Everything Else Edition

There's been a discussion going 'round about the lack of women writers in the big magazines. I've been following it off and on. Here's the latest (h/t Nadezhda). What's disturbing about the responses from the editors is how 1960s they are. Even more disturbing is that the female commenters seem to think that Jon Chait's invocation of the "pipeline" and "socialization issues" is somehow positive. Girls, they were talking about improving the "pipeline" and socialization issues back in the 1960s. We see how that worked out.

It's good news that the administration is going to stop supporting the Defense of Marriage Act. More from bmaz. Another judge rules that the individual health insurance mandate is constitutional. I'm wondering how the Tea Party is going to handle all the issues out there.

Reagan raised taxes in California more than any other governor.

Two big articles having to do with Arab unrest:
Congressional Research Service: Egypt: The January 25 Revolution and Implications for U.S. Foreign Policy
The Oil Drum: North African gas supplies to the European gas market

Sig Hecker interviewed by Paul Guinnessy on his latest trip to North Korea.

Kicking ass in the dinosaur world.

I've been making stuff with oatmeal lately. So has McDonald's, but I think I'm probably using more oatmeal.

Interactive maps from the Centers for Disease Control on diabetes and related factors. I'm wondering why there seems to be a correlation with right-wing politics.

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