Monday, February 21, 2011

Bits and Pieces - February 21, 2011

More sagging infrastructure: dams.

Arianna Huffington (HuffPo) to AOL and Tina Brown (Daily Beast) to Newsweek. Will those formulas revive old media?

NNSA tries to calm the troops in the face of a government shutdown.

Today's big stories, of course, are Libya and Madison. It appears that Colonel Gaddafi has called out air support to deal with the (according to his son) drug-crazed mobs that are flirting with drawing in invasions from other countries. The place to follow this is on Twitter, @blakehounsell recommended. A backgrounder: Libya and world oil exports.

Wisconsin seems quieter today than yesterday, judging from my Twitter stream, but Governor Walker isn't willing to compromise, and the Democratic state Senators remain out of state. Don't listen to the New York Times, which has been brainwashed by the rightwing "it's all about the budget." Here's what it's about, from the more reliable section of the NYT and from Dick Durbin. More from a graduate student on the scene. The money behind Walker. And a bit of (inadvertent) comic relief.


MT said...

The great-man or in this case great-woman story principle really works for describing the changes in news writing, since there can't be many jobs or much in wages anymore beyond Tina's and Arriana's. I hope they have good tech support.

MT said...

Did I presage this or what?