Sunday, February 06, 2011

What Next In Egypt?

I don't much play the game of trying to predict the next few moves in a situation like that in Egypt. What I think (and what many others think!) isn't going to influence events, and in such a volatile environment, things can change rapidly and the unexpected can emerge. Plus I'm not as well informed on Egypt as other places.

But there's a longer view that can be helpful in understanding what's going on and why the US government is doing what it is doing in response to events in Egypt. I've been working on a post that would take a longer look, but I have my doubts that I'll finish it any time soon. Today some others are starting to do that kind of thing, so I'll offer their thoughts instead of mine. And it's possible I'll get around to finishing my post while it's still timely.

Aaron David Miller: Why Israel Fears a Free Egypt

Larry Diamond: How Egypt can build lasting democracy in a post-Mubarak world

David Brooks: The 40 Percent Nation

Ian Johnson: Washington’s Secret History with the Muslim Brotherhood

Doug Saunders: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood: A Dictator’s Cardboard Menace

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troutsky said...

You might do what none of these commentators do and mention the influence of neoliberal economic policies region wide. Compare development patterns and role of direct foreign investment in Israel with those of Egypt, Syria, Jordan.