Monday, March 14, 2011

Need More Information

This is not good news. The order for evacuation and staying inside suggests that radionuclides are being spread. The fire at reactor #4 is particularly of concern. What is burning? Some reports have said that the fire is non-nuclear, but other reports say that the concern about radionuclides is not from reactor #2, but rather from reactor #4.

I've felt all along that we need more information, but it's clear that the government of Japan has other concerns, given the deaths, injury, and homelessness from the earthquake and tsunami. Personnel at the plants clearly need to concentrate on dealing with the reactors. But it would have been desirable to have a team of people to communicate information as soon as it could be verified.

It's the surprises that raise questions: the hydrogen explosions, and now a fire.

Maybe there'll be more information tomorrow.

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