Monday, March 14, 2011

Plans for Today

Pressure is building for intervention in Libya. I've been working on a post with lessons on intervention from the Russian Revolution. (Short version: don't do it.) It's almost done, and I will be working to get it posted today.

Meanwhile, another sort of pressure seems to be building in some of the Japanese reactors. Although the situation there is serious, I still think that there will be no significant radiation release, and certainly no "Chernobyl" or "China Syndrome" results.

Another caution on reports of radiation sickness: the early symptoms are like those of a number of things that can happen during an emergency: extreme anxiety, ingesting bad water or food, or the million viruses that colonize us. Immediate reactions to radiation occur only when a person has taken an enormous dose, and, as far as I'm aware that has happened to three people max, possibly only one.

I'll keep retweeting stuff that looks useful (@cherylrofer). And I'll try to get up another bunch of links after I post on Libya.

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