Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some Good (or at least not bad) Nuclear News

Vice President Joe Biden urges more commerce between the United States and Russia. This is what he said in his speech last week at Moscow State University, although not a transcript. He doesn't skimp on his criticism of the state of Russia's legal system, but the promise to work to get rid of Jackson-Vanick and the stress on common interests are very good things.

North Korea seems to be ready to discuss its uranium enrichment program. This probably won't lead to any quick results, but it's pointing in the right direction.

And, at the moment, my more volatile Twitter follows are bouncing around about a fire at Fukushima's #4 reactor. I guess this doesn't quite go with the title on this post, but I'm definitely going to wait until some solid information is available. Right now, that's just that there's a fire and it seems to be in the same place as before.

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