Monday, April 18, 2011

Bits and Pieces - April 18, 2011

Happy Tax Day from John Cole!

Paul Revere's ride was 236 years ago today.

Tepco provides their plan for the next six to nine months to get all the reactors to cold shutdown. What's here and in its links needs an enormous amount of detail worked out. But they wouldn't necessarily make all that public.

A few weeks ago, the president of the American College of Surgeons wrote an editorial urging the value of semen's biochemicals, properly absorbed through a woman's mucous membranes. Unprotected sex, in other words. After some uproar, he has resigned as president. I'm still wondering why he thought writing that editorial was a good idea.

A former senate staffer writes his experience with that 1979 event in the South Atlantic Ocean that was detected by a VELA satellite. It's one more tiny piece of the story. I'm looking forward to when we'll hear all of it: did Israel and South Africa warn the United States? Did our intelligence know?

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