Monday, May 16, 2011

Bits and Pieces - May 16, 2011

The fox is getting to be a regular visitor, eating birdseed here just after I've put it out for the doves.

More on Domenique Strauss-Kahn: Steve Clemons bemoans the loss of his thinking. I'm wondering if there are no such thinkers around who don't feel the need to force women into sex acts. Or even if there are such thinkers who are women. Meanwhile, Counterpunch spins what the same facts Steve provides into a conspiracy theory. Via Jamie, who finds that ridiculous, although I'd refer him to my post on the subject for why. Is anyone besides me getting tired of conspiracy theories?

Have we reached peak wingnut?

Zenpundit asks some interesting questions on how the clandestine services will be able to operate in a Facebooked, Wikileaked world.

A. Q. Khan, father of Pakistan's (and probably others') nuclear program, speaks. Sounds remarkably like the justifications given for ever-increasing numbers of nuclear weapons during the Cold War.

Sanctions seem to be working on Iran's nuclear program. I'm wondering if the difficulties imposed by the sanctions are part of what is causing strife among Iran's rulers.

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Steve Gimbel said...

Is anyone besides me getting tired of conspiracy theories?

And WHY, one might ask, is she trying to get us to not pay attention to conspiracy theories? Seemingly lefty blog really a front for corporate interests trying to get us to not see the connections? Am I the only one who realizes that "Cheryl Rofer" is an anagram of "rech for lyer"? Coincidence? I'm just sayin'...