Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nuclear Misinformation Followup

This is what smoke looks like. Not at all like that video. This picture is of the Pacheco Canyon Fire, northeast of Santa Fe, last night. The smoke is way down today. The tankers have been overhead yesterday until dark and all day today. Sorry the image is blurry. For some reason, the camera was very uncooperative.

Update: Unfortunately, the wind has whipped the fire up again. Here's a better picture of what smoke looks like at 4:15 pm local time. Note the structure in the smoke that the Fukushima video lacks.

I mentioned misinformation on Iran. Something I haven't mentioned is the post, on a Revolutionary Guard website, about "the day after Iran's nuclear test." It seemed unlikely to me that that single post had much meaning in terms of indicating whether or not Iran intended to develop nuclear weapons. Jeffrey Lewis agrees, but he's taken much more time to investigate it.

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