Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Foxes Are Back

If your day has been like mine, it's time for a little fun.

When I got up this morning and looked out the front door, the birdfeeder was on the ground. I had left the feeders out two nights; the first, no raccoons. I was going to go out right away and put it back up and decided that wasn't really necessary - the birds are willing to get on the ground.

Into the kitchen, and then I saw them. I've been worried about the foxes. I hadn't seen them since before I left for Estonia. There they were, carefully making their way among the flowerbeds to the downed feeders. It was far from dawn, and I wasn't quite awake enough to realize right away that the two clicks were the shutter (1) opening and (2) closing. I did remove the African violet that was partly in the way and got out a stool to stand on to improve my line of sight.

They moved and I moved. That's my choice in the photos. Both foxes did some marking; I'm thinking that the one that did more was the male, a little smaller and scruffier than the other.

A couple of birds came by to check them out. The hummingbirds were particularly interested; still four in the yard. I thought we were down to two - they should be migrating! The house finches drew the female's attention to the suet feeder.

But she decided it wasn't worth her time.

A drink of water from the birdbath is good, though. Look at that fur! So beautiful!

They headed off after they seemed satisfied they had gotten all they could of the spilled birdseed. When I went out, the shelled sunflower seeds were gone, and the millet left. How do they do that?

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