Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Quick Thought On The Meaning of the SOPA/PIPA Protests

There's been some ruminating today, after the Wikipedia blackout and other actions, about the new power of the internet and such, but I haven't seen this thought anywhere else.

I would hope it is one of the lessons occurring to our representatives in Congress.

SOPA was brought to those representatives of the people by lobbyists from an industry that wanted to protect its earnings. Congressional representatives have many bills brought to them in this way. But this bill had the potential to damage a great many of their constituents and, likely, the American economy. Yesterday's protests should have brought that home.

Passing legislation that favors the few at the expense of the many is a misuse of the power that the voters hand to their representatives. One indicator of such legislation is its origin with those who expect to make money off it. Such people (and corporations, but I am repeating myself!) frequently use lobbyists.

Perhaps, oh congressional representatives, you might consider the repercussions on your constitutents of legislation brought to you by lobbyists.

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Peter said...

It was telling that the feds were able to shut down MegaUpload without either SOPA or PIPA.