Monday, February 20, 2012

Mainstreaming Moar Crazy

When you start looking at things in a particular way, you're likely to see more of it. So, after looking at how the Atlantic is persuading us that being worried about fluoride poisoning your precious bodily fluids the other day, I've found somemoars:

The Atlantic (again, but another author) tells us that British reporters (the author is a Brit, so I guess we must believe him) see "the Tea Party as hillbillies who firmly believe that Obama is a native of Kenya." This was not easily checkable, because the single link was to a YouTube video that didn't play properly. Other bizarre European beliefs: "America is the land of intolerant, fundamentalist religion, with screaming televangelists calling homosexuals Satan's semen-drenched acolytes, while Europe is charting a path toward enlightened secularism."

Other shockingly overwrought reporting claims that Herman Cain is not presidential material (but the tone in which it was said was not right) and that Newt Gingrich may be dog-whistling with the phrase "food-stamp president."

The Washington Post presents, I guess in a desire to present all sides of a controversy, Glenn Beck's endorsement of the Catholic hierarchy's desire to control women's health issues in the name of the bishops' religious freedom. What's freedom, after all, if you can't tell other people how to use it?

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